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A filmmaking is an art which involves combined effort of many skillful and talented personals. Among such personal, director of photography is among one of the important production team members who has a major impact on the look of the production. Director of photography is in charge of the scenes involved in the production, the backgrounds and all other factors involved in complete definition of relevant scenes. Director of photography often has to work in collaboration with the lightening team, photography team, production designer, costume designer, hair dresser and the makeup artists in or …


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Just as before making anything, a refined form of all of its constituents is selected so that the final product which is made at the end is worth so much resources and time. In the same way in entertainment world whenever a new production is to be released, directors carry out a detailed process of selection. In that process of carrying out auditions, top most perfect candidates are chosen and only these are given the contract and chance of working in the production. This is known as the process of casting or casting calls. But now with the stepping in of Hollywood Connection Center in enterta …


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Today’s entertainment world is so much advanced and big that minor additions in it are not easily acknowledged. There are very large number of investors, directors, actors, singers and many more type of people out there who need each other’s support and collaboration in order to achieve their goals, their aims for which they have been striving for a long time. Unfortunately in this busy life it has become very difficult for an individual to make its mark in modern entertainment world due lack of time, resources and many other factors. In such difficult situations there always rises up a de …


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