• January 16, 2021

6 Real Estate tips for international artists coming to Los Angeles by Caroline Fleck

6 Real Estate tips for international artists Coming To Los Angeles by Caroline Fleck. As a realtor in Los Angeles’ prime areas, Caroline Fleck has achieved award-winning success guiding local, national and international clients through all their real estate transactions. Raised in England, she worked throughout the United States, before settling in Los Angeles. She enthusiastically shares her knowledge and appreciation of the city with her clients and friends. Licensed by the Califo …


Protecting Legal Rights During Filming Your Feature Film

One of the biggest problems that can shut down a movie after production has wrapped is the threat of a lawsuit. This is something that can occur at any point in time, and will likely create huge headaches. If you find yourself trying to avoid these problems you will have much better luck ensuring that your films actually are released, rather than being trapped in the holding pattern. Taking the time to avoid potential legal problems in the beginning as you are working on the script will go a lon …


How To Copyright Your Music To Protect Your Future Royalties

Many musicians confuse copyrighting music with registering music; these are two different things. According to the law in the United States, once you have written or recorded your music in a permanent form, it is automatically copyrighted. Of course, it might help to first understand what it means to copyright music. A copyright is a certain legal protection that is offered to those who compose creative works, whether those works are art, music, or the written word. The U. S. Constitution sta …


When Does Copyright Expire On My Music?

The expiration date on your copyrighted music isn't something you have to worry about, at least not in your lifetime. The music that you've written is copyrighted the moment you've put it onto paper or recorded it. The reason you don't have to worry about expiration is because the music is protected until 70 years after the death of the author. In the case of your music, that author would be you. This rule about copyright music expiration was first put into place so that the families and heir …


How to Copyright Your Music

One of the most essential, yet occasionally overlooked pieces of becoming a professional musician is ensuring your musical creations are copyrighted. Not only does this protect you from theft or fraud, it registers the song or album as a unique, singular creation which can never be duplicated or repeated. From the U.S. to around the globe, there are a number of methods to safely and effectively copyright your property. Moving hand in hand with the ongoing increased online convenience in today …


Music Licensing for Film and Royalty Free Music—Myth and Reality

A very few people outside the ambit of the sprawling field of the music industry are familiar with the term of music licensing for film. Many grope in the dark about the advantages of taking recourse to the license music. But the budding music talents should have the nitty-gritty of the facilities of music licensing at their finger tips. Every musician craves for popularity and prosperity on strength of his or her creation. But the dream may shatter if they savor the bitter experiences of depriv …


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