• January 22, 2021

Is Professional Equipment Necessary to Create a Feature Film?

The simple answer is of course you need a good set of professional equipment to create a feature film that you are planning to generate income from. However most people honestly do not have the access to the cash required to purchase the equipment for strict hobby purposes. This can make it very complicated for people who are looking into breaking into the movie industry. Finding yourself in this position is not only zero fun at all but it can be extremely bad for the quality of the movies that …


Ultimate Suggestions to Creating Night Scenes in a Feature Film

Making movies is something that a lot of people grow up really wanting to do. The problems are that many people are not quite so willing to share tips and suggestions on how to get started. This can leave the film industry almost impossible to break into successfully. If you find yourself in this position, you may be trying to determine the best way to shoot a film at night. This can be extremely complicated because of the extensive lighting that is required to actually achieve the proper balanc …


Organizing Your Film Shoot in 4 Easy Steps

Most filmmakers who set out on the task of creating a feature film are well aware of the problems and complications that can arise. However, learning how to really set yourself up for success is not always easy. Creating a feature film is about so much more than just working with yourself, you have to organize writers, your crew and even your actors to ensure that everything is pulled off well. There are several things you as the director can do to ensure that the process goes smoothly though. …


How to become a red carpet host or hostess in Hollywood

How to become a red carpet host or hostess in Hollywood. Hollywood is well known for its events, it is a big community. One of the main side attractions, in any event, is the Red carpet. When Red Carpet was first introduced, it was used for royalty but nowadays it is no longer fact that the Red carpet is reserved for VIPs and Celebrities. Regardless of this, it is always fun to watch the jokes and jibs that are made on the red carpet. In addition, the red carpet now serves as an avenue for the …


4 Tips to Picking the Best Film School for You

Everyone knows there are dozens of film schools all around the country, and then hundreds of other colleges that might teach some courses that are helpful to a filmmaker. Gaining the most experience possible in a highly creative environment is important to help ensure the success of any filmmaker though and it can mean a huge difference when it is time to start looking at which school you are most interested in attending. If you have any questions about which school is best for you, you need to …


Making Appropriate Sound Equipment Choices

It is very important to take some time when you are looking for good sound equipment to ensure you are picking good quality equipment. While there is a general presumption that equipment that is expensive is better quality, it is not always true. It is very important to start looking at different brands that you are interested in and start doing some research. Simply purchasing the first piece of sound equipment that you find could have you purchasing something that is overpriced, inferior quali …


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