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  • January 20, 2020

6 style and fashion tips and advice

6 style and fashion tips and advice Anyone can understand if sometimes you might get the feel for a special look, but you need to make sure that the look you choose fits in the general image of you. But to do that may be a bit more complicated than it seems, as there are surprisingly a lot of things to keep in mind when you choose what to wear, and when to wear it. Being fashionable at all times is definitely a challenge, but it's not one that is impossible. While having style all the time is a hefty task, by following some basic outlines anyone can look dazzling, without much effort as well. …


Dos and Don’ts of Conducting Fashion Photo Shoots

Pictures have become a mainstay in the life of every human being. It does not matter if it is a painting or a footage captured by a hidden spy cam. Motion activated hidden camera now help to conduct research in certain areas that may pose dangers to human life if done in person. How do these cameras work? They work by simply taking pictures. This is how far pictures can make a difference. A picture can help solve and close a tough case as pictures do not lie unless they are misinterpreted. Talking about pictures and interpretation, the commercial aspect of photography are making the most of th …


Bikini Fashion

Bikini Fashion. Women are really fortunate to have a wide range of swimwear to choose from. The bikini fashion industry has mind blowing designs to offer you. Swimming time is the time to relax in the warm sunny afternoon on the beach in your favorite piece of bikini. A stylish bikini is sure to enhance your beauty. Slipping in a hot tiny string bikini is in vogue these days. Among so many styles of bikini, this one is surely going to classify you as a sizzling hot favorite babe on the beach side. Beach time is the time to flaunt your body in an ecstatic manner. Every woman wants to look gre …


7 Attributes of a Successful Fashion Model

Have you ever looked at a successful model and said, "I am just as beautiful as this girl so I think I'll become a supermodel." I would like to clarify one thing and please listen carefully ... THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A NATURAL-BORN MODEL!!! Yes, some people have a natural beauty and some learn more quickly than others. I'll agree that these attributes are important. But, I'll say it again - There is no such thing as a natural-born model. If you believe this, let me ask you a question. Do you believe there is such a thing as a natural-born surgeon? Do you think that the most famo …


How to be Prepared for Your Fashion Model Shoot

The fashion model session - What to pack in your model case OK, you're off to a model photo shoot. But, did you remember to pack your bag? Did you put everything you need in it? I hope this article will be helpful to you and start you on the right foot in making sure your model bag is complete. What do you bring? What you bring to your model photo session will depend upon whether this is your first shoot for a portfolio or a paying job. Either way, this section will help you to be prepared for whatever reason you're doing the model session. First things first - Know what the client …


Fashion Photography

Are you someone who likes to mingle with celebrities? Do you like to take their photographs as well? If the above is true then fashion photography can be your career path. As a fashion photographer, you will be taking pictures of models and celebrities and portraits. To be successful in this kind of photography, you need to have a keen sense of marketing. You should be able to sell a pose, a face and even a feeling. We are talking about a very competitive world where it is not going to be easy to get noticed because most of the magazines and agencies prefer working with photographers with repu …


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