• October 22, 2020

Acting: Tips On How To Raise Your Profile

These days just simply being a good actor is not really enough to make it in this 'dog eat dog' profession. There are people out there who would literally give their right arm to get a break in show business. Well maybe that's a bit extreme but I think you can see the point I'm trying to make here. If it's any cancellation though, years ago their was even less opportunity to start a career as an actor. For a start, there was the equity loop hole. You couldn't get a job because you weren't a mem …


Acting Lesson To Be An Successful Actor

Successful Actors Advice to anyone who wants a career as an actor. Be on time. On a big film the money is going out the door at about 30 grand every 20 minutes. On a network TV show the rate is only a bit less. If you are ten minutes late for a job that pays five hundred bucks - you will be very disliked by the producer and everybody that works for him. People will scream at you. If you are late for an audition, the casting director will worry that you won't get to the job on time. If you are …


How To Network In Hollywood ǀ Tips For Actors

How To Network In Hollywood ǀ Tips For Actors In Hollywood, networking can make or mar you and your career! In fact in Life, it is really all about who you know. When choosing a career in the Hollywood which happens to be one of the toughest places for a rookie and can be very confusing when one is new thus, your network becomes gold and key to your success. Learning how to network is important if you want to turn heads when you enter Hollywood. Bad networking can really go a long way to dama …


What You Need To Know As An Actor

There are a couple of things every actor should know about auditioning. The Main tool besides their body of an actor is their voice. Get involved as much as you can in live performing to discover how your character ingredients come across to others. The deeper you go with a character the more believable the experience becomes for both the audience and yourself. Since ancient times men and women have practiced the art of acting- playing the role of a character in a story, for the entertainment …


How to make a music career in Hollywood ǀ Tips for musicians

How to make a music career in Hollywood ǀ Tips for musicians Are you an aspiring singer who wishes to pursue singing as a career? Do you want to be a successful singer in Hollywood? The Answer is most certainly yes, it is the most likely reason you are reading this article. A musician is a person who sings melodious tunes accompanied by lyrics (songs) for a living. It is a profession especially for people who have the talent for it. Regardless of this requirement, there is still a large number …


6 tips for dance beginners

6 tips for dance beginners (Dance students). Whether wanting to go have a drink or meet new people, dancing is a major part of most social outings. As such being a rock star on the dance floor is definitely a plus when it comes to your outer appearance in a club. But that does not mean that being bad at it will automatically make you an outcast, regardless on how uncoordinated it seems. Nonetheless, to be a good dancer implies a few practices that one may need to take into account when it comes …


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