• January 22, 2021

Tips & Advice For Young Actors

Tips & Advice For Young Actors (Teen Actors)   Enroll for classes Naturally, different people have various gifts. However, it is important to learn an individual's gift and ways to tap into this gift.   Practice In order to practice, people should endeavor to watch more films and keep an interest in books because there is profound wisdom therein.   Get information from other people. It is powerful to learn from others as you watch. As you watch, it is more of a lea …


Acting – Have you got what it takes?

Acting is a big industry. There are actors everywhere from the theatre to films, from TV to radio, and even on the street in the form of mime. Yet acting is not easy ñ in fact, like playing music, it is almost impossible to master. To be a good actor, you have to be able to get inside a character and literally live as them ñ to convince your audience, and, for a moment, even yourself, that the character is who you are. Given that all you will probably have to work with is a few written word …


How to Get Your Pet into Acting

How to Get Your Pet into Acting. Do you want your pet to be the next Hollywood pet star? With cameras flashing around him everywhere he goes in his fur stole? But how to train your pet to be the next star or at least get into a commercial or two? Being a pet owner, undeniably your pet would be the cutest one in the entire world for you. What steps should you take to turn that into a popular opinion? With a hint of sophistication and the following steps, your pet may become the next Lassie. Don …


Things Actors Shouldn’t Do!

Things Actors Shouldn’t Do! Any opinions, advice, tips, statements, services, offers, or other information or content expressed by third parties, including information providers or users of the Site, are those of the respective author(s) or distributor(s) and not of Hollywood Connections Center. Neither Hollywood Connections Center nor any third-party provider of information guarantees the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any content, nor its merchantability or fitness for any particu …


Is Modeling Right for Your Kid

Kids with all their innocence are angels on Earth. The purity within is mirrored on their faces and the most baffling thing is how much sense their senseless talking actually makes. Every kid is beautiful to be on camera but that doesn’t mean he/she is made for it. You might be pushed into sending your chubby and dimpled kid for acting and modeling classes, but is it right for him? To crack the tips and tricks into determining is child modeling is for your kids, lets go through the procedur …


How to become a red carpet host or hostess in Hollywood

How to become a red carpet host or hostess in Hollywood. Hollywood is well known for its events, it is a big community. One of the main side attractions, in any event, is the Red carpet. When Red Carpet was first introduced, it was used for royalty but nowadays it is no longer fact that the Red carpet is reserved for VIPs and Celebrities. Regardless of this, it is always fun to watch the jokes and jibs that are made on the red carpet. In addition, the red carpet now serves as an avenue for the …


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