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Tips for parents of a child actor

Hunt the dream together.

If you notice that your kid possess a passion for performing, you should take the chance to open up and guide them through. Ensure that you inform them of the expectations in terms of skills and hard work. Let them be prepared for rejection when it comes because it is inevitable. You can be sure that your child needs and believes in your advice. Take the chance to be practical and positive in your sentiments.


Do not rush.

There is an urge to rush talented children to agents or any available auditions without adequate preparation. In case the child is well prepared emotionally and professionally, it can be a rather scary process. The intense competitive process and exposure to the public can be too overwhelming causing them to shut down causing them to quit before they start. You may take acting classes and ready for the starting line.


Be responsible.

Take note that you (parents of a child actor) will be making a major contribution in terms of financial expenses. You may also have to get involved by setting appointments for auditions so that management skills will be relevant. In case your child lands an acting job, you may have distant trips as well. This means your lifestyle changes with the adjustment in budgetary measures. Your family income is bound to change drastically, and in extreme cases, you may even have to change jobs to focus on your child’s career. It may be stressful but still necessary to get involved fully by making sacrifices towards their success. The costs include; training, travel auditions fees, and demos.


Don’t forget your parenting role.

Remember your parental role as the judge of your parent’s capabilities. If you are comfortable with the requests of the production team and believe in your child’s abilities, take up the role to advise them. On the other than, if you know of any health or welfare issues, speak up on their behalf. The child is exposed to predators and crazy fans in the entertainment industry hence the need to worry for their safety.



Accompany a child always or let a chaperone help you take charge of the duties. They should not go alone to the studios and designated place. You (parents of a child actor) should always be in touch and aware of their location.


You have a right to say No.

You may have to resist some offers if you know they will interfere with their normal childhood. This means you need to be in charge and make major decisions, as you plan all events, outings, rehearsals, and free time. You (parents of a child actor) need to form a routine for the child so they will not be overwhelmed. Since performing arts should be fun, there is no reason for making their entire life around it.


Avoid directing.

Avoid being in complete control over the director. Maintain your role as a parent for emotional support and let the professionals handle the mentoring and coaching. Simply ensure they are in their right spirits and safe.


Find help.

Parenting a talented child celebrity is challenging, so seek help to ensure you get it right. Get a life coach, therapist, or other parents with the same issues. If you get anxious, exhausted, cranky, or unable to sleep, get in touch with someone who understands best.



Most parents keep their children in school despite their busy schedules. School time helps the kids to transition back to reality after many hours of rehearsals. Spending time with peers in normal lives is essential as they stay grounded to interact with them and stick to childish activities.


Be open-minded and trust your child.

Be open to possibilities and give your child a chance to explore the endless adventurous world. Allow yourself to be flexible.


Tips for parents of a child actor (parents of a kid actor).

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