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Tips for makeup artists coming to Hollywood

Tips for makeup artists coming to Hollywood.

Makeup is so essential for Hollywood celebrities. If it wasn’t for makeup, then the Hollywood industry won’t be as exciting and amazing as it is. So there are things you need to do to become a successful Hollywood makeup artist.


Here are some tips that you should follow to become a makeup artist in Hollywood:


You have got to learn a lot.

With the makeup industry being an ever-changing environment, you need to learn more about makeup artistry. The filmmaking technology is also an ever-changing institution; you need to learn the necessary skills required to become an expert shade maker, matcher and expert makeup artist. If you don’t have enough knowledge in the professional make up artistry, then makeup in Hollywood will be very difficult. That is why you need to try as much as possible to gain relevant knowledge that could assist you in the Hollywood industry. You can learn a lot by attending seminars and workshop, and device ways to help yourself become better than what you currently are. Don’t just assume that you know a lot, the makeup products and techniques are constantly evolving day in day out. You should try to soak up as much knowledge as you can, observe people that are above you, try new techniques, always go to where the professionals are, if you follow all these hints, then you are good to go.


You can attend a cosmetic school.

If you have never stepped into a cosmetic school before, this might be exactly the right time. With a good cosmetic school, you will be able to learn some trending make up tips that are in vogue. It is highly essential for you to know the current makeup trend, and even when you get to Hollywood, you still need to keep updating yourself on the latest makeup in trend. If you love making people look cute and beautiful, then you should be ready to go to a long length to achieve that, you should have a special passion for the career you plan to venture into. You need to embrace the bizarre art of adding special effects and you should master the fashion makeup artistry. You should just remember that there is no limit to creativity, and your eagerness will make you learn a lot and take you to where you should be. Becoming a makeup artist is an interesting and exciting job, so investing to achieve that is one of the best things you could do for yourself. You will never regret the investment that you make for your future.



Without networking, you can’t become a successful makeup artist in the Hollywood industry. With networking, you get to meet key people that will drive you forward, and assist you in bringing your makeup business to the next level. You should network with filmmakers, actors & actresses, directors, photographers, other beauty professionals, just to mention a few. These are the people who need your services and you will need to know them and get to know them well. You have got nothing to lose by putting yourself in the midst of professionals that you share a common interest with. Networking doesn’t mean you should pitch yourself to them, not at all. All you have got to do is to be friendly and professional, you should also be casual and engaging, and in no time, you will find yourself being loved by a lot of people. They will love you, your character, and your personality, exactly for who you are. You should also note that in a service related field like makeup artistry, having a good character and personality will be at your advantage.


Attend Hollywood Events.

Attending a Hollywood event will really go a long way in assisting you to become a successful makeup artist in the industry. Actually, in reality being a makeup artist is one of the most exciting jobs ever, which is why you need a lot of passion to be able to achieve your dreams. It is highly recommended that you attend a Hollywood beauty event that houses a lot of celebrities and professionals. At the Hollywood beauty event, celebrities, hair and makeup experts will be in attendance. You should book a spot at the event and introduce yourself to your new professional folks. They can teach you the good and bad, the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts of the professional makeup industry. They will also enlighten you on how to make a successful business doing make up. They will equip you with skills and the tips you need to follow to triumph as a professional makeup artist. At the beauty event, there will also be some kind of exhibition where attendees will be asked to take makeup kits and use it for demonstration, you can take advantage of this opportunity and demonstrate on celebrity, doing a great job could as well become a turning point in your makeup career.



Build your makeup kit.

Having a great knowledge of makeup is very important in your makeup career, but the most important part of your career is building your own makeup kit. If you consider the frustration of a discontinued makeup brand or makeup materials being out of stock, then they need to build your own makeup kit will become more apparent. You need to be able to build your own custom makeup, you need to be creative and get yourself up to the makeup market. If you truly want to be a professional and long term makeup artist in the Hollywood industry, then you should create a desire to make your own makeup by blending your own colours and combining numerous shades in other to be able to create different kinds of skin tones that can compete favourably in the industry. By blending your own colours and knowing your desires, you won’t need to be carrying too much makeup materials and that will essentially enable you to save cost to achieve the same result or even a better end result.


Tips for makeup artists coming to Hollywood.

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