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Tips for fashion models seeking job in Hollywood

Tips for fashion models seeking job in Hollywood.

There is no fixed path to being successful as a Fashion Model. The Modelling industry is a place where anyone can succeed as long as they have the looks for it. It requires a gradual process of building oneself towards professionalism, not some overnight big-break; even star models who got such overnight big-breaks still had to work with their utmost dedication to stay up there with the elites in Hollywood. There is need then to exaggerate that to become a successful Top Model takes dedication, time and persistence.

As a result of this, we have taken the time to discuss a few tips to help rookie models get started in the Industry.




This is unarguably the first thing that should be done by any model starting out in Hollywood. The portfolio simply means having shots of you doing what you do best, i.e. modelling.

Do note that these shots do not have to show you wearing super expensive wears and getting even more expensive photo shoots. The main aim of the portfolio is to give you leverage when you meet with agencies and model scouts and so quality photoshoots but are cheap is advised. You are trying to get a job you know!



  • This can be done mainly via Social media. There is no gain discussing the power of Social Media, we all know that. The important thing to discuss is why you as a model need to create a platform for yourself.

  • Social media gives you the ability to build a fan base who are ready to like and send your pictures all over the internet

  • There is no better way to show Modelling agencies and scouts your dedication better than knowing you have an online fan base.

  • Having a fan base gives you an edge over other models when agencies or scouts are deciding who to sign or not

Having a huge fan base takes time and persistence if you want to really enjoy the benefits an online presence comes with

  • Another way to do this is by visiting Modelling websites. Some websites allow the model to create and upload photos of themselves which can be viewed by scouts and agencies such website has ties with

  • You can also always get the E-mail address of renowned Modelling agencies and send your portfolio to them via mail. Caution – this should not be done in a spammy way. It should be noted that this method is not that effective as some e-mail address do not allow or receive messages and some that receive messages might not be read.




My honest opinion is models seeking to break into Hollywood need to look past the shine and glamour of Modelling and see the hard work beneath it. In other words;

  • Are you really ready to work as hard as you can to make the cut and even after making the cut, be committed to giving your 100 per cent at all times, ready to eat specific diets to maintain your body shape?

  • Are you ready to comply with whatsoever terms and conditions including commission fees top models are charged?

  • Are you ready to accept being rejected a lot of the time before you finally get signed?

  • How okay are you knowing that not only your appearance can get you the job because some agents simply do not want you?

As long as you are ready to accept being rejected and be committed to your modelling career, you are one step from being with those at the top of their game in Hollywood.




  • There are real and fake modelling agencies. While some have your interest in mind and are ready to work with you, others are interested only in what they stand to gain should they sign you. It is important to note that:

  • Due to the fact that there are numerous modelling agencies, getting the best one can be a daunting task. The best you can do is research and scrutinize the agencies as best as you can.

  • You can receive the attention of modelling agencies by working with people who have gained experience in the modelling industry which can be done by building a network for yourself.

  • Your Location plays a part in how your career progress. There are choice locations where modelling thrives; they include but are not limited to Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Australia and so on. This would boost your chances of securing a contract from credible experienced agencies.

  • As a model, getting the service of a credible agent especially an experience one will go a long way to propel your success. It is a very risky approach as you cannot really say know what makes the agent interested in you.

  • Modelling schools are both good and bad. This is because not all Modelling schools have links with Modelling agencies or agents as they claim. In addition, if you do not have the looks of a model, no amount of tutorial in cat-walking can help but if you have the looks for it, then the classes would serve as a platform to learn excellent modelling skills and composure which gives you an edge over the rest of the models during auditioning.




Fashion events are big events in Hollywood and it brings together so many influential personalities that can contribute to your career. Although attending these events and showcasing your talents is expensive, it is a big bonus way of getting exposure which is what you need as a model to succeed.

There are also Auditions (mostly free of charge) which are announced over the internet that you can attend – this is where your location comes into play – and gain more exposure.


Good luck in your modelling career and always remember, life is not a bed of roses and before gold becomes gold, it had to pass through the fires of the forge.



Tips for fashion models seeking job in Hollywood.

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