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Tips for actors by Italian actress “Silvia Busacca”

Tips for actors by Actress “Silvia Busacca”  from Milano, Italy.

I think that in our career we must never give up, you’ll meet beautiful and also ugly people who will do everything to make you feel bad and not let you work or discourage you! MOVE THEM AWAY! Concentrate on your artistic path and when they say “you are nobody” you always answer “I am the number 1” because you must be always number 1 “never 2 or o” but ALWAYS NUMBER 1, and therefore fix in your minds that you will have to sweat, sacrifice SO YOU CAN reach the top of success. A leader of a nation never stops and you will do the same. “Never stop because you are the number 1”.



About | Description:

Silvia Busacca is the new actress in the world.
She is the starring in ‘ IN LIMINE ” 2019 Short movie film in Italy.
In 2016 she was the protagonist of the World Model United Nations in 8 countries for Italy, Australia, France and the United Kingdom. In 2019 she became a donateur in support of Amref Africa Health in the world.
In 2017 she was a guest at 4 international festivals, the 74th Venice Film Festival in the red carpet where she captured photographers from all over the world wearing a fluorescent yellow dress by the brand Marciano Los Angeles for Jim & Andy’s premiere of Jim Carrey, made public throughout the United States of America for the occasion by an international press release, participated in the Rome Cinema Festival in the same year and walked in the red carpet for the premiere of Stronger movie, immortalized by photographer Stefano Pietrucci del Roma Cinema festival 2017.
In the same year in Ischia film festival 2017 she met her icon Claudia Cardinale, one of the best actresses in the world, in the same year was selected for the TV series festival in Berlin in Germany, through Hollywood Europe where she met the best screenwriter of the world Robert Mckee who for the occasion gave her a premiere of the his book ‘The Dialogue’ , she participated as an auditor in the international seminar of Paul Haggis, the director of the Crash Oscar 2006. In 2018 she was directed by the Italian director Gianluca Testa and became the starring of 10 monologues visible in the Ciseg or Google channel, in 2019 the director Gianluca Testa makes she the protagonist in the short film IN LIMINE 2019, released in Italy in two Italian festivals Grottammare film festival and San Potito Sannitico in Caserta, public in Italian press received through the Ciseg the mention of official testimonial EG IN LIMINE in Ciseg. The actress Silvia Busacca is published in the Italian press and in the world in the United States, in Australia, in the United Kingdom among international and national magazines, blogs, websites and newspapers.

Interview with Italian actress “Silvia Busacca”



Tips for actors by actress “Silvia Busacca”

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