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Optimized for all search engines, your news release, press release, media release, press statement, video release or advertorial (your advertisement in the form of editorial content) directed at members of media, our entire network and associate networks for the purpose of announcing, promoting, or advertising something such as “a business” “a product” “a brand” “an art” “an event” “a talent” … Your content can be written or recorded directly or in the third person and contain all the essential information (Who? What? Where? When? How? and most importantly Why?).

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Tips For Writing A News Release:


  • Make sure your concept is newsworthy
  • Grab attention with a good headline.
  • Get right to the point in the first paragraph.
  • Make it grammatically flawless.
  • Include quotes whenever possible.
  • Bold highlighted points.
  • Use a byline and photos
  • Embed videos
  • Include your contact information.
  • Provide access to more information.


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