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Male models tips and advice

Male models tips and advice.

Being a male model is not very different from being a female model. But they are some specifics for males that you should be paying attention to.


Find out your strengths.

Make sure to find out what is the part of your body that you’re most satisfied with and focus on that. For example if your shoulders are your best quality focus on the exercise for that specific part of your body. By all means, this doesn’t mean you can neglect other parts of your body. You have to look good in total, because if you neglect just one part of your body it will have negative effect on everything else.



As a model your physical appearance and shape are crucial for getting a good job opportunity. Make sure you exercise every day and to follow the exercise schedule. You can use the schedule you got from a professional trainer or the one you’ve made yourself, but make sure you follow it. Don’t allow yourself to be lazy because someone else is trying really hard and may push you put of the picture.


Take care of your look.

Your physical shape and look is something that your employees notice first, so it’s very important to look your best as often as possible. You have to take care of your hair; you can’t neglect it and keep it messy. Your skin is very important. You can allow it to be dry or cracked. Try to get a nice tan by tanning on the sun or in tanning place. Also, you have to take good care of your teeth. If you neglect them once, it’s very hard or almost impossible to get them in previous state. So regular visits to the dentists are mandatory. Take care of your hands. It may seem unimportant, but what if you’re trying to get a job as a watch model and your hands are in bad shape? Manicure is very important and if you overlook this you are in trouble.


Invest in yourself.

If you already earned some money by modeling or you have some funds to start with don’t hesitate to invest in your look. That investment is never in vain and by investing some small funds it can be repaid to you much more than you started with. This doesn’t just apply to your look. You can improve your skills, your knowledge and such. Remember, your investment id not just about your money; it’s also about giving your time and dedication.


Use social networks.

Without using social networks you are just another anonymous model out there. With social media you can reach out there and have your own fan base. You can communicate with your fans, inform them about your future plans and projects and much more. If you are just starting your modeling career, social media is a great way to get some exposure and to be noticed by different modeling agencies. If your schedule is too busy and you are not able to run your social networks by yourself, it’s not a bad idea to hire someone to help you with that.


Don’t give up.

You can never know how your career will develop. You have to be persistent and never to give up. The competition in modeling is so huge and you can easily get discouraged. If you are confident and you work hard there is no way you will fail. But be careful, the line between confidence and arrogance is very thin. You don’t want to give impression of arrogant man who is hard to work with. One important thing to mention is your environment. Don’t be afraid of bad reviews or even a few laughs. The people who love you will always stand by your side. Don’t bother with opinion of the people who are unimportant to you. You just need to stay focused and always remember why you chose this path.


Get used to be looked at.

You have to get used that you will be looked at a lot, but that id the reason why you are in this business. You have to get comfortable in front of the cameras because you will be around them a lot. The more successful you are, the more cameras are on you. If you have difficulties to be filmed try to record yourself and to see what you are doing wrong.


Watch your diet.

It’s not always the case, but most men need more calories than women. Just because you need more energy doesn’t mean you can eat whatever comes to your hands. As a model, your form and weight is very important. Of course, there is no need to starve. Try to eat consistently, always at the same time, stay away from fast food and junk food. Also, late meals can be very hurtful for your physique. Let’s not forget that you are just a man and you have your favorite food and flavors. There is no need to suffer and never eat candy or some food that is not recommended for you. If you have those, let’s call them moments of weakness, don’t exaggerate. Also, try to keep those moments to a minimum. Just remember how hard you worked to get into this shape. It would be foolish to throw all that away with a few unnecessary bites. It’s always wise to seek some professional help from a nutritionist to help you with your diet and to advise you.

Think positive, maintain a professional attitude, work hard and only you can set the boundaries of your career.


Male models tips and advice.

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