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The best makeup tips for women over 40

The best makeup tips for women over 40

We always appreciate being told that we look younger than our age, but even this natural beauty has a limit. After a while even the best start to feel the passing of the years and, instead of slowly lamenting over the fact that you grew older, look into the only thing that has not gone unchanged ever since you picked up a foundation brush all those years ago. While some things begin to change for the better and, well, not so good as the years pass, you can still achieve the same reaction as you did in the early days just by changing a few tricks. Makeup, the one that stuck with you over the years through all types of events. Though you may not be what you one was, there still is no need for concern, as the beauty is still there, but just a bit dusted by the years. Luckily the major ability of makeup is to highlight natural beauty when done right obviously. So, by applying just a few tricks to otherwise years of experience in applying makeup you can be as dazzling as you always were.


Start with primers

Now that age has started to take a toll on your body and skin, it’s time to look further deep in the large array of makeup products there are, specifically for something that can keep your skin hydrated while you have makeup put on, as your skin is not quite what it used to be. It’s better to avoid further damage by applying a hydrating primer, something that is non-silicone based, that can let your skin breathe and at the same time moisturize it. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about suddenly looking so old and can safely carry on practicing the art you perfected over the years by constantly applying makeup.


Get the right foundation

While in the younger days you might have gotten away with using a foundation that has a different tone than your skin, things may not go so smoothly now. As you age your skin gets a bit paler and having a different foundation tone can become easily identifiable to the naked eye, as long as one pays enough attention. By choosing the right type of foundation for you can not only help shave some years off your appearance, but it can also help bring back some colour in those cheeks.


Concealers can hide a lot

As days pass and you start getting older, you might get the sensation that every day gets more and more tiresome. As a result, you start to fell these things not only mentally, but also physically, but maybe one of the most important aspects are the bags that form under your eye from the lack of sleep. Getting a good concealer can help you improve your look by making it seem that you had a good 8 hours of sleep, by covering those nasty dark circles.


Eye shadows are not gone

As years pass it gets harder and harder to get that eyeliner exactly the way you like it. But that does not mean you have to completely give up on using eye shadow or eyeliners, as there are plenty of tricks to substitute for a lack of precision. Getting a good eye makeup can help shave off a number of years off your appearance, making you seem younger than you already are. It’s especially important to stay away from dark or opaque eyeshadows as it makes your eyes smaller. Instead, neutral colours can help enhance the natural prettiness of the eyes, without paying too much of a price for using it. Paired up with well-maintained eyebrows, you can be sure that it does not matter that you started feeling the age, as the outside you are still as young and beautiful as ever.


Natural lips are the best

As you get older, the accent starts to fall off everything that looks pretty to how you can achieve the best appearance by using natural or skin colour. As such, even lips are not an exception to this rule. As you get older, lips have the tendency to get smaller, especially the upper lip. As a result, you need to rethink where to have part of the attention, rather than keeping it on the lips. It may be a smart idea to blend in the lips to your general outer appearance rather than having brazen colours or enticing colours on them. Using lip-gloss or lipsticks that enhance your natural tone can be an advantage in itself, rather than a discouragement.


Blush as you always would

Getting older is no excuse for you to ignore the usage of blush in your overall appearance. On the contrary, the effect blush has is quite beneficial for you, as a simple sweep can add a radiant, healthy glow, and help shave off a few years off your appearance. In the first place, there is nothing wrong with trying to add some more colour to your cheeks, as long as you avoid frosty tones. Go for anything peachy or pink or in that category, as it can give off a healthier look even if you’re not a fan of using makeup.

At the end of the day, it’s best to keep in mind that, even if you may have started to get old, the fact that you were once a beauty has not disappeared, and for the most part, it’s not that hard to bring out your natural aspect once again. The most important thing is to realize that getting old is a human thing and that you can’t keep the status quo forever. Changing things up to suit the situation is a natural reaction, but you can’t be stuck in denial over a few wrinkles.


The best makeup tips for women over 40

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