Interview With “Brandon J. Sornberger”

Brandon J. Sornberger is an upstate New York native. After graduating Hamilton College as a pre-med philosophy major, he moved to Manhattan with the intention of earning a PhD in neuroscience. Instead he began improvising. Brandon’s NYC credits include The Andy Daly Show at The UCB Theater, Grown Ups Playground at New York Comedy Club, and some birthday parties at various homes. Those weren’t so fun.

After moving to Boston with the intention of finally getting that neuroscience degree, Brandon became a resident cast member of the Improv Asylum. He wrote and performed in five revues, and was the youngest member of the cast that won the 2004 Bass Red Triangle Comedy Award. He’s still younger than everyone else in that cast.

Finally admitting he wasn’t going to graduate school, Brandon moved to Chicago where he studied, performed, and eventually began teaching at the iO Theater. He was a member of the house team Bullet Lounge and the drunks masquerading as an improv team, Let Them Ho’s Fight. Yes, he knows there shouldn’t be an apostrophe.

In Los Angeles, Brandon performs on the UCB Harold team Outside Dog, and does two-man improv with the obnoxiously talented Thomas Middleditch. He also writes pilots, screenplays and to-do lists.

Brandon has hosted numerous pilots, including The Soup Presents: Pop Quiz for The E! Network andThe Rant for VH1. He is a regular talking head on second-tier cable countdown shows and stars in a commercial campaign for GameStop. He’s been brutally beaten on Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, served fine French cuisine on Parks and Recreation, wrangled bees on Austin and Ally, and recurred as a senatorial advisor on the ABC Family drama, Switched at Birth. He now plays the charmingly dimwitted chef CJ on Fox’s Grandfathered. He was also on David Letterman(‘s plane once).



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