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How to network in Hollywood ǀ Tips for fashion models

How to network in Hollywood ǀ Tips for fashion models.

It is one thing to be introduced at an event as a model, it is another thing to be introduced as a successful model. The difference is while one is doing more and more photo shoots at a reasonably cheap price, the other is doing fewer photo shoots at an exorbitant fee.

Suffice to say networking plays an important role in the success of any individual in any field they are. Networking is simply the act of connecting and building relationships with professionals in order to build connections and relationships that will push your career to greater heights.

It should be noted that the best set of people to network with are professionals within your field; other interactions outside your field are to be made only after you have developed a strong contacts list. How then can a model network in a place full of hierarchies and caucus? We have two bold but effective cogent ways of pulling it off:



Fashion events are avenues where models showcase their creativity and get to sign new deals, sponsorships, and endorsement. Fashion events are very important because new trends are developed and passed to the world.

As a result of this, it also serves as a platform for new models to garner more connections. Now, what are the things you should do when you attend this event?


  • Remember, the main reason you are going to the event is the events is to build a network for yourself in the modeling industry, so it is crucial you dress in what makes you appear confident and powerful. You are a Model, prove it!

  • Ensure you eat something before going to the event; in so doing you will be guiding against any unnecessary urge to eat too much or leave too early. It will also ensure the glass of wine you are holding is just for courtesy.

  • Ensure you engage in conversations. The key to networking is talking, the more you and the professionals you meet to talk, the higher your chances of not getting turned down when you request for a means (E-mail) of getting back to them. In other words, you need to convince them you have more to offer.


Note: It would give you more leverage if you know one or two things about the model or agent you are chatting with; so before going to the event, research about them and have something to endear them to you when you finally meet.


  • Make sure the conversation stays interesting and know when to end it. The worst thing you can do is to have only one interaction throughout the event.

  • Know when to leave the event. it is not appropriate to wait till the end as it would portray you as jobless, also you should not leave too early.


It is also important to note that when you go for this events, going as an individual will help you a lot to interact as there would not be too many familiar faces you will send the whole duration of the event with.

Make sure you do not ask them directly to sign or link you to someone who can give you contracts.



Attending fashion events is not the only way to build your network base. The internet is another building block you can use to create a brand for yourself. This is where social media come into play and here is how:


  • Follow as many professionals in your industry and outside your field

  • Ensure you upload a steady dose of your photo shoots as soon as you finish it

  • Make sure you follow the page of as many legitimate modeling agencies as you can find. Show the world your skills and build an impressive portfolio. There are many social media models out there who got signed to a team due to their social media base.



That said, there are some important things to know that can boost and aid your network:


  • It might seem not crucial, but getting yourself a mentor is a good way of building yourself a strong network. This is because there are many professionals within your field who are ready to take up protégées and guide them towards avoiding pitfalls they fell into.

  • You need to remember that these professionals are always very busy. If you follow up after meeting them through e-mail messages and meet radio silence, know that not all of them might be ignoring you; Do not annoy them by spamming them as it would only lead to you being blocked. Instead, persistently check up on them.

  • Another important thing is to ensure you are moving on with your life. This is where it gets interesting; as you try new things, try and update your contacts or network on the happenings in your life. This would, in turn, show them that you are not lazy which would help you gain more credibility.

  • Stand out! Networking can be done anywhere. When you go for auditions, photo shoots and what have you;

  • work harder than every other model present

  • Turn on the charm and win over everyone on the set. This will make you look invaluable to the agents present and they would be quick to contact you whenever they have a job for a model

  • Interact with the background crew after the shooting and make sure you drop your business card with one of the crew you have developed a strong rapport with.


Conclusively, be yourself. Human beings have an inbred instinct to detect fake. The truth is, living a fake life is stressful so be yourself. Appear confident even when you are feeling jelly in your stomach, be honest and ready to speak your mind. If you cannot get their contact detail, it is advisable to try for their email address.


How to network in Hollywood ǀ Tips for fashion models.

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