How To Network In Hollywood ǀ Tips For Actors

In Hollywood, networking can make or mar you and your career! In fact in Life, it is really all about who you know. When choosing a career in the Hollywood which happens to be one of the toughest places for a rookie and can be very confusing when one is new thus, your network becomes gold and key to your success.

Learning how to network is important if you want to turn heads when you enter Hollywood. Bad networking can really go a long way to damage your CV and reduce the number of opportunities you get to prove your mettle. Some actors believe they know all there is to know about networking but the truth is, it goes beyond giving out your business card like Santa Claus; that right there is bad networking.

Here are five tips on how to network and get your career up and running:


This is the first thing you need to know. Many people are of the notion that as soon as they get you to have something to remind you of them that they have a higher chance of connecting with you in the future. Honestly, the reverse is the case. You don’t have to be an “Automated Business-card Machine” anytime you want to network and here is why:

  • You are not the first to give your call card out to the person you just met; the person is obviously important which is why you are attempting to give them your card in the first place

  • People “who have gotten it all” do not tend to follow up on a contact who did not impress them during their first interaction i.e. if they do not request for your card, chances are the one you gave to them will be swept under the rug.

Always assume you are the person and ask yourself this question before handing out your business card, why would I consider calling you for a role? Why? Have we met before? How do I know you are good at what you do?

Instead, rely on your communication skills to build instant rapport with the person. This would go a long way in ensuring that the next time you meet the person and decide to follow up, he or she would be ready to build on the rapport you had together last time. The Key thing to note is to always follow up and build that relationship, it is crucial before dropping your business card which would now be a bargaining chip for you.


In other words, social media! You are already an actor, you just need more contacts to boost your CV; there is no better place to do it than on Social Media. This is because;

  • Social media is a large community where you can connect and engage with colleagues in the industry.

  • Nearly everyone, in fact, every individual in Hollywood – directors, producers, casting managers, actors, and actresses – are on social media. So adding them up on Twitter Instagram and Facebook will not only keep you informed about the happenings of the industry you are in, it would ensure that you are available to grab any opportunity that arises as soon as anyone in the industry posts about it.

There are instances of actors who get booked publicly by casting managers and directors via social media and some who got their big break via following movie directors on Social media.


You just have to! You cannot be in Hollywood and not attend events. There is no better way to Network and get new contacts. Some things to note when doing this:

  • Your goal should be towards creating a relationship with individuals who are already in Hollywood and thriving

  • Do your assignment well before going for the event i.e. be informed about the kind of people you will meet. Then make sure you have just enough background info to serve as important go-to conversation points when you finally meet them. Google search them and find out what they have been up to. You are an actor, be ready to compliment the actors you meet about their performance; be ready to display your knowledge to a director about their recent movie.

  • Don’t waste their time! They are very busy people who came for an event. You are here because you want them to network, do not bore them here save it for later. Instead, get their E-mail address and ask if it is okay to follow up via it.

Remember, you are going to the event to get new contacts and start new relationships not to drink, so ensure to enjoy the event as much as possible. This would serve as something to remember you of the next time you follow up.


A lot of people in Hollywood started networking from scratch have gained more experience in what works and what doesn’t. As a rookie actor trying to gain more links and build more contacts, the best thing you can do is ask questions! And be ready to answer if asked back. Go to networking events and ask questions! Get their contacts or follow them on social media and still ask questions! The best way to know what to do and what not to do in the Film Industry is by asking questions. That way you would get different pictures of what the Industry is like and what you need to thrive.


Nobody can buy their way to success in the MOVIE INDUSTRY; money can only do so much. There is no other defined step to succeeding than showing the world what you can do. Yes, you are talented but you need to develop yourself and be better at what you do. When you can deliver and people know you can consistently do it, the possibilities are endless.

NOTE! Everything starts by first building a good relationship with people who have the means of making you successful. There are not always second chances so ENSURE YOU MAKE THAT FIRST MEETING COUNT.


How To Network In Hollywood ǀ Tips For Actors.

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