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How To Get Into Acting

How To Get Into Acting.

Many people have wanted to know how they can get into acting. Sometimes a model realizes that he or she cannot make a full-time living with a modeling career. Other models are aware of their limitations such as height and bone structure. They know that beyond print work, it can be real tough to get into modeling. So they choose to step into the broader acting field.

Acting requires more specialized training than modeling does. Most actors and actresses get into acting by getting involved in theatre, dramas, plays and stage productions. Many actors and actresses also get into acting through an acting coach. An acting coach trains you much like an athletic coach does, except the muscle that is trained is your acting muscle. You are trained in learning improvisation, cold reading, and acting methods. These are generally the basics for a beginning actor.

Once you have discovered how to get into acting, you will also need to know about the two types of productions exist for actors and actresses.

There is union work and non-union work. Union work is controlled by the Screen Actor’s Guild and the AFTRA. If you are interested in doing union work you do need to be signed on with a Screen Actor’s Guild franchise agent. A quick search on the internet on ìSAG Agencies will give you information to all the agencies that have access to the current job openings in your area.

For acting work that is non-union related, you can use other methods of searching to find work in your area, such as hiring an agent. If you have an agent, he or she will submit potential acting jobs to you. Job opportunities can also be found on websites like that includes both a job forum and message board.

Your agent will need copies of your resume and your headshot picture. This is the best way to go in order to get into motion pictures, television or commercial work.

The reality is that you will need a break ñ to be asked to come to an audition. An audition is conducted at the office of the Casting Director. You will be reading sides. A side is a small portion of the script. You may be able to acquire these small scripts in advance so that you can practice your acting skills.

Then, during your audition, someone opposite of you will actually act the role out while you read the side. Be sure to ask the Casting Director what your motivation in the particular session will be so that you can put more of natural talent into it. It will help you to read the lines appropriately. There will be lots of other actors waiting to read for the very same role that you will be reading. Show business is competitive. Once you are done reading, you will go home and wait for your agent to call you with the good or bad news.

Another way to break into acting is to become an extra. Many people make a partial living being an extra in movies or film. Extras are paid anywhere from being a volunteer to $200 a day on most movie sets. You can locate jobs as an extra actor by finding union films.


Below are some tips to get you started from the mere beginner to full time acting:


1.Join your local speech and drama clubs. If you’re in school, join the theatre there. Usually, every major city has a theatre.
2.Brush up on acting skills and join classes, seminars, and events. Gain as much skill and experience as possible.
3.Read books, your local library will have books on acting.
4.Start small and don’t try to go for the big parts if you are a new. Ask to be an extra or a stand-in.
5.Leverage the web. Job opportunities can be found on websites like that includes both a job forum and message board.


With continued dedication and persistence, you will realize your dream of becoming an actor or actress. It takes hard work and relentless determination, but you know you can do it. The business is extremely competitive and the chances of big success are small – but there is a chance.


By Hollywood Connections Center Staff

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