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Hollywood Film Industry tips for Aspiring Artists

Hollywood Film Industry tips for Aspiring Artists.

There is always the chance that things won’t always go as planned. The higher up you go, the tougher it gets; it’s not always the other way round. Surviving the challenges of the Hollywood Industry takes more than just being exceptionally brilliant in what you. Even though it is important to be exceptionally brilliant, it requires more to be emotionally and financially stable in whichever Hollywood career you choose for yourself. No matter how good you are, there is always going to be someone either better or with a bigger network. This leads to you being out of a job on a lot of occasions while that ‘someone’ keeps getting job offers. As a result of these, here are some tips to help guide you in your professional career and help ensure you live happy with your profession.


Enjoy and believe in yourself.

Nothing is more fulfilling than actually enjoying what you are doing. When you are able to create a foundation of unrivalled joy from what you are doing derive as much joy as possible in it. Have fun, don’t take work too seriously! Really.


  • Set goals for yourself; this would make you purpose-driven. Also, believe in these goals; that is the only way to make it happen.
  • Be honest with yourself. Do what you think is right; good work, not what others believe to be right.
  • Push yourself beyond this goal. Test your limit and move past it.
  • Don’t settle for having dreams only, bring them to life.


Gain more knowledge.

There might be plenty of Hollywood stars who made it big without going to a training school, yes it is possible! But you should not think like this, you are not them; invest in yourself, the reward is truly satisfying.

The untold truth is that some of these training schools are a waste of time but there are gems among them if you do your homework well. There are superb training schools who have connections for you to tap and build on your way to being successful.


Remove the fear of auditions.

Auditioning sometimes is the only way to get gigs be it a role in a movie, a music contract, and what have you. You need to start treating looking at auditions as a means of preparing yourself for what is to come, see auditioning as a medium to practice, a rehearsal opportunity. Remove the fear factor and leave a lasting impression on the mind of your bosses. Be confident in your abilities and let it show! No experience is wasted; even in rejection, lessons are being passed. See auditions as an opportunity to tackle and bring a new role to life using a different method or technique.


Add your imagination.

In whatever role you find yourself, make it yours; you are a singer, write thought-provoking lyrics, good tunes; make your music unique. Don’t try to imitate someone or handle things from their perspective. Show that you have something special to offer.

At times, you might have to negotiate with your supervisor to add your personal titbit to the part or role you will feature in.


Brace yourself.

Accept that things won’t always be as you want. Avoid feeling desperate, motivate yourself and do that thing everyone thinks you can’t. Above all else, develop a thick skin.

There are times when your director or supervisor insist on you working with someone or with a team, enjoy it. Build together and love collaborations. They would boost your reputation.

It’s okay to be confused when such a situation arises, take time away from Hollywood and enjoy new aspects of Life. Take time away from Hollywood and explore the world at large; you would be surprised at how much this can help in such situations.


Get an Agent.

The value of agents in Hollywood cannot be overlooked; they are an important period. Look for a proactive agent who is interested in taking your career to another level and hire.

Some agents have great connections which is what you need as an artist. Hiring this type of agent is worth every penny.



Hollywood operates on the “who do you know” policy. As you complete every gig that comes your way, ensure you socialize. Build relationships that will help modify your career for good. The number of opportunities you can get through these relationships cannot be understated. So, if you happen to hear about an event, conference, convention or show do your research and see if the people on the guest list are in one way or the other influencing the industry you are. If yes, do all you can to attend these events; you never know who might be ready to give you his or her contact address.

As an artist, no contact gained is a total waste, in Hollywood, anyone can suddenly be in a position to employ or offer you a contract. Know interesting places people high up in your industry frequent and associate.


Lastly, have a backup plan.

Know when to quit; time and trend waits for nobody. Perhaps it is unfair but there are always going to be cases of people who come to realize Hollywood isn’t for them. If you are one of them, instead of resigning to fate and frustration, take action and carve out new hunting grounds in the world. There are plenty of things to do without venturing into Hollywood.

Thus, as you pursue your in Hollywood, have a career in mind you can fall back on should all else fail. There is no guarantee you won’t be successful in Hollywood but there is no guarantee you would either. As long as you have all these tips in your mind, the possibilities are endless.


Best of luck and I hope it works out for you in Hollywood!


Hollywood Film Industry tips for Aspiring Artists.

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