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6 style and fashion tips and advice

6 style and fashion tips and advice

Anyone can understand if sometimes you might get the feel for a special look, but you need to make sure that the look you choose fits in the general image of you. But to do that may be a bit more complicated than it seems, as there are surprisingly a lot of things to keep in mind when you choose what to wear, and when to wear it. Being fashionable at all times is definitely a challenge, but it’s not one that is impossible. While having style all the time is a hefty task, by following some basic outlines anyone can look dazzling, without much effort as well. Though choices may seem numerous and trends grow and die by the minute, you need to remember that you’re looking for something that suits you, not the world, and the choice is not as hard anymore.


Organize your wardrobe

First things first, before you decide what outfit to rock the next time you go out, maybe it’s time for a little spring cleaning and organizing the wardrobe. It may not be the most exciting or funniest of chores, and it certainly takes a while, but, before getting to all those outfits to make everyone jealous, you need to know exactly what you already own. Go through everything and try to remember what exactly worked for you and in what outfits you got the most compliments or heads turned. Seeing what has the potential to be a killer and what needs another pair to work with before it can be the best match is a step forward towards getting a little more fashionable.


Find out what works for you

More exactly, what outfit stuns, and what clothes fit the best. To get there, remember what type of clothes you wore when that handsome boy, or cute girl complimented you or couldn’t take their eyes off you, or find out in what outfit you were invisible, or what outfit simply didn’t feel good. Then, use them for research. Toss aside what doesn’t work and take those that do on the next shopping spree, making sure that whatever clothes get picked for a trial, are similar or in conformity with those that make you dazzling. And to do that, obviously you have to be in a good spirit. Don’t go shopping for new clothes if you’re in the dumps, feeling sick or after a long day at work, as the result may be the complete opposite from what you dreamt.


Don’t go overboard

Though it may seem like a stupid idea 90 percent of the time, seeing that one favourite model or star rocking it in several pieces of clothing may make you want to try the same thing. Surprisingly so though not so surprising for many, is that one can easily make a mistake when trying to pair a lot of clothes together. The best idea is to keep it simple. Having 3, 4 or a maximum of 5 clothes on you is enough to get you the same result, without the risks involved, as trying to put together a daring style may not be to your best, or it may make you look like you tried to bake the world’s most complicated pie.


Don’t mix

Again, you see someone having five or six different patterns or colours prominently on them and think it got to work if you do the same. But keep in mind reality is sometimes harsher than it seems, and what’s good for someone may not be good for you. The best thing to do is to limit the number of patterns mixed to a maximum of two, and prominent colours to 3 or four. It’s good to stand out but it’s much better to stand out in a way that stuns people, instead of a way that makes them gossip about your choices.


Seek inspiration

If what you lack is a large array of clothes and pairs, maybe it’s time to look another way. Look around online and try to find a person that has the same fashion style as you and mimic that person for the most part. Look at how they decide to pair up everything or on what grounds they choose what to wear, from outer influences such as weather or occasion, to inner one, such as gut or feeling. It’s never a bad idea to seek assistance when in need so try to assimilate everything and incorporate your own originality in those pieces.


Accessories can make the difference

Sometimes you get the feeling that even your best outfit can be improved, but there is nothing that can actually be added to it. Though it may seem like an insignificant side to what looks like a perfect dish, adding a few accessories may be the way to go. Maybe you have an occasion where you have to dress formal, grab a wrist clock, and you automatically become someone of importance. Or maybe you want a nice outing at the park, grab a scarf and let the magic do the trick. The choices are infinite, but try to remember not to add to much, as it would have the opposite effect.

Getting to a point where you can be confident in your fashion sense can be difficult but saying and actually believing that the style you have truly suits you can be an even more endearing challenge. Do not fret though, the answers are always up and handy, as the only style that you need to follow is the one that you make for yourself. Don’t stress too much on it and you will find yourself turning heads wherever you go before you can notice it.


6 style and fashion tips and advice

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Kim Brown

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