Tips getting your child into child modeling

Tips getting your child into child modeling (Child Modeling & Hollywood)


If you want to make the most out of your child’s modeling career you need to first begin conducting extensive research. Find as much information about child modeling by talking to as many people in the industry as possible. Find people you know to connect you to more people who know exactly how to conduct and the tricks to evade.

Avoid expensive photo-shoots.

Simple initial snapshots are vital for introduction into the modeling industry. Even if they are not professional shots, they should be in good quality and depict the real person. Avoid using a cellphone to make the shots and find a good camper or a person who can do it for you. This process helps you get an idea of how the child will appear in advertisements. You may start making changes as you progress and as she grows. Your agents will advise you on the regulation of frequency of taking the photos, which are appropriate for your look. Some of the agencies offer to cover the expense of professional shoots, which you can pay back once you start booking modeling jobs.


It takes an organized and responsible parent to guide their children into modeling successfully. The parental role is significant to control and regulate the schedules for maintaining a normal childhood. You should know that your lifestyle will change and you may have to spend more time driving them to shows and auditions and wait around. Some of them may take a day or more especially if they are out of town. This means you may have to drop what you are doing and adjust to the new lifestyle.

Facts to remember.

  1. Child modeling is not a money-making venture so avoid making it a source of income for your family.

  2. It should not be all about glamour and pretty faces. There is hard work involved and patience for getting and sustaining gigs. This means you will be making analyses and schedules to fit their education.

  3. Be careful not to compromise their rights and needs such as school, play, and relaxation.

Value your child’s nature.

Each child has a unique personality, which determines their performance. Outgoing personalities are important, but so is good manners and discipline. You will need to nurture them according to their nature for an easy way out. Shy kids will not be picked for modeling so ensure you can assess their personality.

Create an online profile.

You will be the manager of social sites and pages until the child is old enough to do it; so create and fill out forms to upload pictures, as you build networks. Remember to control the websites to avoid the risks associated with online activities.

Get as much exposure as possible.

The more you interact with agents, clients, and scouts, the higher the chances of becoming successful in finding a well-paying gig for your kid. The best place to start to build a network and exposure is with agents and scouts. They are connected with professionals and employers in the industry hence the easy link to clients. It is the only way to get to acting jobs when you are a beginner.

Finding an agent.

Research online on the available child websites and their policies on recruiting children. Typically, most agencies require you to live within 200 miles to qualify for an interview that might lead to representation. Be sure to send quality photos of your child and specific intentions to the identified agency. Remember to include details of your child on the back of the photo, these include; hair color, age, name, address, name, eye color, and clothing size.

Go for credible agencies.

Avoid making upfront payments. Pay should only come after your child’s performance when the agency takes a percentage of the earnings. In most cases, agencies take 20% of your child’s earnings.

Regular travels.

You should be prepared to travel around the world. We understand it might be tedious for your child but it is necessary for building skills in acting and becoming a top model. It might be within your neighborhood where there are specific clients but will extend the country borders.


You have a lot to do, but you can still have fun!


Tips getting your child into child modeling 

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