To become a camera operator in the Hollywood Industry

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To become a successful camera operator in Hollywood is not an easy job. The most valuable advice is that you should remain friendly and polite all the time, and you should treat others with respect, the same way you want to be treated with respect. The film industry is very challenging, that is why you should prepare yourself for the great challenge that you are going to face, and also when you get to the industry, you need to remain calm and patient so that you can get to where you want to be.

Becoming a camera operator in Hollywood will give you the opportunity to work in all kinds of production aspects; you can be assigned to Industrial films or to documentaries, you can also be required to shoot television commercials or music videos; or TV series that features Hollywood movies. Making a film is a very stressful job, which is why you need to remember that it is highly lucrative and that alone should motivate you. You should remember that there is a lot of money whenever the camera rolls in Hollywood, that alone should ginger you and be your motivating factor for the tasks you have ahead.

The Hollywood film making Industry is an industry where people showcase their artistic expression, massive egos and a lot of cash; therefore you should not get carried away, know what you want and always be in your place. Don’t try to copy people who are not like you. It is a business industry and has a ruthless way of making money, that is why you need to be very careful, so as not to lose your soul.

Here are some tips you can follow to be a successful cameraman in the Hollywood Industry:

Get the relevant knowledge.

Normally, all cameramen have a lot of formal training in their work. So you first of all need to master your camera skills, although that alone won’t be enough. The most important thing is to possess a great attitude and eagerness to learn in the industry. With the relevant skills you have in your job, and the natural talent you possess in camera or shooting; that will give you a nice head start in the Hollywood industry.

Go to a film school.

Honestly, formal education is always a good thing, so going to a place that can give you good training and even a certificate is not a bad thing to do. However, there is necessarily no formal education that is required for this career, what you need is your talent, skills and most importantly your passion. Getting a diploma or a degree in a film-related area is however not a bad idea. You could go to a university to study a course related to filming or photography. It will be really useful for you if you can major in Film and Television Production. By taking the school route, you can have the opportunity to become an intern and getting relevant work experience which will certainly give you the experience that you need for your career in Hollywood.


To become a successful cameraman in Hollywood, you need to be able to showcase your skills and talent. Therefore, you need constant practice. Just get behind a camera and practice your filming skills. Just try to be dynamic and learn about different cameras. Also practice shooting in different locations and different shooting situations. The more you practice, the more you learn as you go along. Also, don’t be afraid of making mistakes, after all, it’s just a practice session. Mistakes will make you learn more and more focused. Therefore, learning from your own mistakes is the best education you can get.

Know the rules.

Film making is a specialized field and there are some rules you need to follow that are a little different from the normal camera shoot industry. Just try and talk to superiors who know more than you. You should try as much as possible to master all the rules in film making, and most importantly, the “Hollywood” film industry.

Listen to people who know more than you.

Listening to people who are more experienced or who know more than you is a very significant gesture you can use to become successful in your Hollywood career. These people have been in the industry long before you do, and they know the ins and outs of the industry, therefore listening to their advice will definitely come in handy to help you become a successful cameraman in the Hollywood industry. They are the crew, and they work on the set almost all the time. They know a lot more than you, and probably always will. So, whatever they tell you is most likely the right thing.

Earn Respect.

In Hollywood, you don’t demand respect, you actually earn it. The hierarchy of the movie industry is so cumbersome, almost similar to the hierarchy of an army. There may be some people in high positions that you will find difficult to get along with, be calm and polite and give anyone the respect they deserve. Sometimes, you may be fast with difficult tasks or be in difficult situations, you have to respect the people in charge because they are the ones in charge. When you do the right things, with the time you will overcome your challenges and earn the respect that you deserve.

Have a great sense of humor.

Having a great sense of humor doesn’t mean that you don’t know what you are doing. In fact, it should always be on your mind. Making a movie is a great hard work and you need to do things that can make you relieve the stress and make you happy at all times. The best movie sets are the ones that are filmed in a relaxed and professional atmosphere with creative personnel who have no issues. Don’t be insecure, it’s just a movie, just relax and get the balls rolling. Your sense of humor will really get you through in hard times.

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