10 acting tips you should know

When we talk about acting the first thing that comes to mind is talent. You either have it or you don’t, but despite being the most important part of acting profession there are some useful tips that may help you to overcome possible lack of talent, or to improve your performance in general.

Get familiar with the character you’re playing.

It’s very important to be familiar with your character. The goal here isn’t to become him, but to understand his motives, what he likes, what he dislikes, what kind of person he is, and many other questions. Once you find answers to all those questions, you have a much better chance to enhance your performance and to portray your character as the writer originally intended. You can always ask for advice from the director or the writer to make sure you’ve understood the character’s motives and feelings.

Learn to improvise.

One of the most important parts of acting is improvisation. Even though you have a script you have to follow, and the director who’s guiding you, in the end the performance depends only from you. You have to able to read the situation and sometimes do something that’s not scripted. That can be a line, a move, or just a face expression that can have a great effect on the final performance. Also you should learn to accept the improvisation from your scene partner and not to get confused if everything is not going by the book. Learn to adapt and think about how many famous movie scenes were actually created with improvisations.

Master your body language.

Your body language has the same importance as your lines, maybe even greater. In some scenes you may not have that many lines to say, but you can compensate that with your body language. Expressing your character’s feelings without words will definitely stand you out among other actors. If the audience can read your emotions from your face and your movements they will get more connected with your character and your performance won’t be forgotten.

Work on your talents.

There are many other art forms that come with acting, like singing, dancing or playing an instrument. You might get prepared in advance and learn the basics of some of those things, because sooner or later you will get a part where you will be required to perform them and you won’t look too good if you can’t do it. That leaves a bad impression and reputation is very important in this kind of business.

Be motivated by your audience.

This is very applicable to actors playing in the theatre. You might get bored after doing a play over and over every night. But keep in mind, the audience is changing every night. They came to see you and your best performance. We’ve mentioned improvisation before, and here’s another use for it. Try to improvise and to keep things interesting so no play is exactly the same. By doing that you will always find new ways to improve your character and also your performance.

Do your best in all your projects.

You have to give your best performance no matter how bad you think a certain play or a movie is. Even if it has a lousy reception among audience, if you give a good performance people will remember you for being something positive in otherwise bad project. Your colleagues will think more of you if you give your best all the time. Even if you’re very talented but not willing to give your best, you won’t get far because talent is just a first step, everything else is hard work.

Work with your crew.

Team work is very important for acting. There is always team of people who are trying to do the best they can in the project. As actors work closely with directors and writers the communication among them should be on a high level. Don’t be shy and share your thoughts on certain topics, but also learn how to receive a constructive criticism and to improve your performance. Very important point here is to have a good chemistry with your scene partner. You have to communicate all the time and make each other better. That can lead to you to a very successful result.

Prepare for the part.

You might decide to skip this part, but it is very important because it will round up your performance and show other how serious you are. Be sure to read the entire script and not just your lines, so you are familiar with the plot and other characters. Also if a project you’re working in is based on a book, make sure you read it, it will give you a deeper insight of the story and characters.

Be confident.

It goes without saying, but in this line of work you can’t afford to be shy or to have a stage fright. If you think about bad things that might happen during your performance, they will surely happen. Try to be relaxed and enjoy the opportunity you’ve got. Once you’re on the stage enjoying in your bond with the audience and give your best, they will know to appreciate it.

Create your own style.

In acting, you’re playing someone else, but that doesn’t mean you can put your personal signature there. Something that people will remember and something you’d be recognizable for. That can be anything you want; the main thing is that the audience remembers you. If you put that signature in all your parts, people will never get you confused with another actor, because you’re special.

10 acting tips you should know (acting advice)

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