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Our Story, powered by Hollywood Connection Center was founded 2008 in Hollywood, California. It is a worldwide network for interaction between entertainment industry professionals. It has a successful history by providing all the services related to the entertainment World. It is a hub of connections where all the sights of entertainment world focus while they are in need of something. Whether you are looking for hiring or waiting to be hired, you have any brilliant idea, you’re trying to catch the attention of any investor, you need to launch a new project or you want to make some name and connections in the entertainment world, then Connection Center is the right place for you to create a guide, to develop, to collaborate with the right connections, to start and to finish any project…simply to achieve your dreams! We believe together, we can enhance and strengthen our ability to give each other the best that we deserve with dignity and honesty.


    The Key To Success

Many of us are doing work that could change the entertainment industry; we need to do a better job of sharing it! We have found that success is largely determined by one’s ability to build positive lasting relationships within the industry. No one develops a commercial empire completely on their own, your success depends on others, and there success will also depend on you. “You can dream, create, design, and build the most wonderful idea in the world, but it requires people to make that dream a reality”.~ Walt Disney.  Many of us have shared the same experience. You have good ideas, great experience, valuable insights, and tremendous energy. You’ve taken the initiative and launched your own business. Now, with confidence and optimism, you expect the world to beat a path to your door. And so you wait, wait, and wait some more… What you need to do is build a team! You need to establish a network of valuable connections, talented people who will work together to help everyone in the network. You need to create an army of advocates that will take the initiative to recommend your company to whomever they meet. Likewise, they need you on their team to recommend their services. Every person on the team can win the game if they all work together for the common good. Every person can achieve their goals by helping each other. It’s our mission to create a place where like minded professionals can meet and share their talents to ensure their projects not only get made, but are shared with the world.

The key to success in life and in the business world is to build valuable connections with everyone important to your business.