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  • There is a joy that comes from singing that simply can’t be described. And no matter what level of singer you are, if you are reading this right now, you know it. Most likely, it’s a big part of the reason you wanted to sing from the start.


    But now, something has gotten in your way, and you’re not realizing your true desires.

    – Perhaps you feel your range is limited?
    – Or you suffer from vocal exhaustion?
    – Maybe you’re not getting work and don’t know why?
    – Or perhaps you simply think you can’t sing at all?


    Whatever your challenge, working with Ron Shetler will uncover the cause and teach you how to overcome it effortlessly with his proprietary system, The Shetler Technique, a proven path to vocal freedom.


    Why Choose Ron?

    Finding an excellent vocal coach can be a daunting task. It’s vital that you work with a teacher you love, and who’s the very best at what he or she does. Yet, there are thousands of teachers to choose from.


    So why choose Ron?

    Ron Shetler is not only considered a master teacher of singing in the industry, he’s known as a pioneer.   His revolutionary approach to singing has ignited the careers of countless artists and has rescued the voices of numerous Broadway stars.

    Quite simply, what Ron offers is completely unique, blending a powerful, proprietary technique rooted in science with an intimate knowledge of Broadway performing and the industry connections that help actors work.  Add to that 28 years of teaching at The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre and a deep love for his students, Ron Shetler is hard to match.

    Unlike any other teacher in the world, Ron Shetler offers his clients a vast range of benefits that simply can’t be found anywhere else.


    – A Proprietary Technique Rooted in Science

    – A Gifted Teacher

    – The Hands-on Know-How of Broadway Performing

    – The Experience of Working with Legends

    – A Vital Connection to the Industry

    – A Place to Rehearse and Save

    – An Active History in the Arts Communitt


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