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Pinar Karaaslan

State / Province:North Holland
Age Range:25-30
Height Range:5’5” / 165cm
Hair Color:Brown
Contact Person:Pinar Karaaslan

I started my acting career at the age of twelve, in typical fashion: performing in school productions and community theatre in her hometown of Adana and I subsequently worked as an actress in Turkey, Sweden and now The Netherlands.

I now live in Amsterdam where I act in both theatre and film productions, star in commercials and make films. Besides acting, I am active as an international voice-over artist, primarily in animations.

I am an actress with strong improvisational skills and an expressive face. Characters I develop, do always have strong, believable backbones and my performances are natural and relatable on screen.

I am a pro-active, creative being who values and respects hard work. I believe in the power of collaborations and I am as well very passionate about projects that stand up for worldly issues.


Education & Training:

I followed classes in Strasberg Technique by Andre Landzaat, Meisner Technique by Steven Ditmyer and Script Analysis by Michael Margotta. I consistently work on my talent by attending to workshop and trainings throughout Europe.

Skills | Talents:

My skills include singing, climbing, yoga, choreographed dance and improvisation. I'm currently involved in writing a feature film that is collecting international funding.
I'm fluent in four languages as Swedish, Turkish, English and Dutch and conversant in German. I can adopt a wide range of different accents and quickly learn languages.

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