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Mikael Buxton

State / Province:Île-de-France
Age Range:31-40
Height Range:5’11” / 180cm
Hair Color:Brown
Work Phone:06 64 28 22 35

I have always been a self-made man, a creative individual. After doing « traditionnal » jobs, I’ve decided to try to realize my childhood’s dream: become an actor.
So, I’ve been working hard during the last five years to build my career, studying actor’s studio methods, and working on different kind of projects, from local to international ones, in order to bring my unique way of giving life to characters.
I’m now looking to build on this experience, and have a particular interest in feature films, short films, and series that create really great stories and deep characters.


Skills | Talents:

I’ve been working on different kind of projects: feature films, short films, webseries, commercials,...
I’ve been studying Ivana Chubbuck’s method, and other acting techniques with other coachs.

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