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8 Makeup tips and advice for teens

8 Makeup tips and advice for teens

Living in a world that puts a lot of accent on how we look may create pressure onto us, but it’s important to remember that aspect is not all there is to a person. Instead of forcing us to be in conformity with the norms and keep up with the latest trends. But even so, there will be situations where the social norm will get the better of you, so you have to be ready to face such situations. Keeping up with everyone around does not only consist of having the most fashionable trends but also knowing how to apply makeup and how much, a thing which not may teens know.


Get the foundation right

Though it seems like a pointless thing to say, it’s very easy to make a mistake when it comes to applying foundation, and not only that but even the colour of it may not be something that works in your advantage. Make sure that you apply it using downward strokes and think of what type of coverage do you want, for sheer coverage use your finger but if you want full coverage to use a brush. Moreover, try to get a foundation that matches your tone, as it will highlight your appearance instead of making you look like a two flavoured ice cream.


Blush for your face type

To make sure you get the most from applying blush, try to apply it while keeping in mind your face type. The advantage of blush is that not only adds colour but also highlights and contours your cheekbones. So, keep in mind that you can take advantage of little tricks to accentuate your best features.


Lipstick up

To make sure you get the most out of lipstick, try that before applying it to exfoliate your lips. It will help get rid of flakey skin and excess skin and give them a smoother look so you can avoid a look that has cracked lips in it, ruining the whole point of putting on makeup.


Eye shape matters

Getting the best cat eyes is not an easy feat, and sometimes it can take you a considerable amount of tries before you get them the way you really want. But before starting to draw them, try to see whether they really suit your eye shape, or how can you make them suit you, instead of simply drawing them pointlessly. Look online for advice on applying eye makeup depending on your shape to get the best results there are.


Check the dates

Remember that one lipstick or foundation that really looked good on you, so you drew it out for as long as you can remember, instead of simply getting another or letting it go and experimenting with new things? Maybe at some point, it started feeling weird on your skin or lips like it was slowly pinching it? That may be a sign that the product started going bad or is already past its expiration date. It may not seem like it, or maybe you’re thinking that it’s just there to be there, but even makeup has its own expiration date, as some may contain a small number of chemicals or metals. So, it’s imperative to keep an eye out for when your makeup expires, as using it after it has may damage your skin.


Clean your brushes

Another situation that might not need a mention, but a crucial fact is that it’s better to keep the brushes clean for longer use, rather than letting the colour dry and be forced to throw them out after a dozen uses. Keeping the brushes clean not only prolongs their lifespan, but it can help avoid problems when applying makeup, making sure that two colours don’t overlap, causing a weird mix on your face.


Read the mood

As always, different situations require a different tact approach to them. Being able to identify the situation and preparing beforehand can be a huge advantage when applying makeup, as you get the opportunity to impress through it, or have the opposite effect, stun everyone while keeping it low. The major point in that is to understand when and when not to apply certain types of makeup. For example, it may not be the best scenario to test out that new blazing red lipstick you got when going to a funeral or have that green or purple lipstick you got because it made you look unique at a wedding. It all depends on the timing.


Natural may be to your advantage

Choosing when to go all out and when to refrain from using more than a nude can be a force to be reckoned with in itself, as it shows not only confidence in how you look, but also save time when it is necessary. There is no need to fret over the fact that you are going to be late and you don’t have time to apply makeup, just keep it as simple as possible and you’ll be done in less than a minute.

Applying makeup is not a matter of how talented you are or how well you feel the things you want to do, but more like analyzing a general situation and choosing the best method of approach for it. Being able to leave people in awe with minimal effort is certainly possible, but keep in mind that the most important factors are where you are and how well have you made use of your own beauty, as makeup does not make you beautiful by itself, it just enhances what features you already had.


8 Makeup tips and advice for teens

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