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Caitlin Cassidy

City: Los Angeles
Country: United States

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Los Angeles Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Specialize in Beauty, Special Fx, Character, Fashion… work in all formats th / View Full Profile


Caleb McLemroe

City: Van Nuys
Country: United States

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Caleb McLemore is an actor and comedian residing in Los Angeles California. When not performing in films, he does standu / View Full Profile


Jackie Davenport

City: Baltimore
Country: United States

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Model from Baltimore, Maryland, searching for acting and modeling positions. / View Full Profile

ericcjackson Willems SM

Eric Christopher Jackson

City: Jacksonville
Country: United States

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Eric Christopher Jackson, Photographic Artist, Creative Writer. Find amazing in the ordinary. Eric Christopher Jackso / View Full Profile


Kayla Shae

City: Stuart
Country: United States

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Kayla Shae, Model, Stuart FL, USA (Commercial, Swimsuit, Fitness, Lingerie, Runway, Fashion) I'm a paid model, not sign / View Full Profile


Mac Guerreiro

City: Livermore
Country: United States

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Mac Guerreiro: A Passionate Artist (Actress, Writer, Singer, Dancer) Livermore, USA I was born in the beautiful lan / View Full Profile


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    Still life photography has a long dated history and goes back to ancient times where a camera obscures where used. This type of still life was done by standing in a dark room and through a pinhole placed in the wall the outside world was projected onto the opposite wall, but it is given that they where shown upside down and in vivid color. So as it stands to .....

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      Many people have wanted to know how they can get into acting. Sometimes a model realizes that he or she cannot make a full-time living with a modeling career. Other models are aware of their limitations such as height and bone structure. They know that beyond print work, it can be real tough to get into modeling. So they choose to step into the bro .....

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    The fact is, auditions are a nerve wracking experience for actors. They'd rather have their eyebrows plucked. Unfortunately, they're an essential part of being an actor. So by following these steps you'll have the best chance of getting the part. In getting the audition in the first place, you or your agent are going to have to submit a photo and resume t .....

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    Most people I know have at least one of the necessary qualities of being an artist, so the chances are strong that you too are an artist. Sound unbelievable? Have you always secretly wanted to be considered an artist but are convinced that you just don't have what it takes? The most obvious connection that people make to being an artist is the need to be .....

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    Traditional tanning methods have become less popular these days because of major health risks. Because of this major finding in tanning several companies have provided tanning creams, lotions and spray to get a tanned skin even without the help of tanning beds or the sun. Most people prefer this type of artificial tanning since there is no significant health .....

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    Brandon J. Sornberger is an upstate New York native. After graduating Hamilton College as a pre-med philosophy major, he moved to Manhattan with the intention of earning a PhD in neuroscience. Instead he began improvising. Brandon’s NYC credits include The Andy Daly Show at The UCB Theater, Grown Ups Playground at New York Comedy Club, and some birthda .....