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ericcjackson Willems SM

Eric Christopher Jackson

City: Jacksonville
Country: United States

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Eric Christopher Jackson, Photographic Artist, Creative Writer. Find amazing in the ordinary. Eric Christopher Jackso / View Full Profile


Carlos Loaiza Vlogger

City: San Diego
Country: United States

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I'm an 18 year old kid chasing dreams that people doubt I can't reach. I was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome at 8 yea / View Full Profile


Jackie Davenport

City: Baltimore
Country: United States

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Model from Baltimore, Maryland, searching for acting and modeling positions. / View Full Profile


Alyssa La’Shae

City: Huntsville
Country: United States

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Alyssa Brooks, Model, Huntsville, USA I’ve been passionate about the industry my whole life. As I continue to build m / View Full Profile


Kim Vierra

City: East Coast
Country: United States

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KIM WAS THE FIRST African American female Editor/Director for the Capitol Building's Washington, D.C. Vet-Force Round Ta / View Full Profile

Me conducting

Nicholas Palmer

Country: United States

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I am a fast working composer and conductor, who creates recordings of live or digital scores for media. Most of my work / View Full Profile


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